On the Trail of the Tetramorph

Latest article for The Heretic Magazine featuring the correlations between the royal stars, the lammasu, biblical visions and the tarot

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Mo(u)rning Views

Spur-of-the-moment field trip to the Mountain View Mausoleum.

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Gloraie to the End of the World ( In the blink of an eye)

The enigmatic and apocalyptic visions of artist Juan Valdes Leal.

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Scarlett Amaris is a screenwriter, author, historical researcher and presenter. She's co-written scripts for the seminal horror anthology, THE THEATRE BIZARRE (2011), the award winning documentary, THE OTHERWORLD (L'AUTRE MONDE) (2013) featuring years of her research into the mysteries of the South of France, which she also appeared in as a resident expert, and the upcoming thriller, REPLACE (2016). She’s co-written the dark fantasy trilogy SAURIMONDE I, II & III, and her first contemporary fiction novel, DESIRED PYROTECHNICS will debut in early 2017. A well-regarded authority on alternative history, she regularly writes for THE HERETIC MAGAZINE, and her research has been featured in numerous books and anthologies.



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