On the Trail of the Tetramorph

Tracing the fascinating correlations between the royal stars, the lammasu, biblical visions and the tarot.

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The Deity is in the Details: video

Video lectures  based upon the popular series taught by Scarlett Amaris at The Crooked Path Occult Apothecary.

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Gloraie to the End of the World ( In the blink of an eye)

The enigmatic and apocalyptic visions of artist Juan Valdes Leal.

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Scarlett Amaris has co-written scripts for the seminal horror anthology THE THEATRE BIZARRE (2011), the award-winning, supernatural documentary THE OTHERWORLD (L'AUTRE MONDE) (2013), featuring years of her research into the mysteries of the South of France, in which she appears as a resident expert, the horror film REPLACE (2017), and the COLOR OUT OF SPACE (2019),  based on the H.P. Lovecraft story, starring Nicolas Cage. She’s co-written the dark fantasy trilogy SAURIMONDE I, II & III, and her contemporary fiction novel DESIRED PYROTECHNICS will debut in 2020. A well-regarded authority on alternative history, she regularly writes for THE HERETIC MAGAZINE, and her research has been featured in numerous books and anthologies.


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To Seek the Nature of Things, Irene Hillel-Erlanger, ‘Voyages in Kaleidoscope’

Primordia Quaerere Rerum During the Dark Ages, countless healers and philosophers found expression in the secret science of alchemy. Known as ‘adepts’, these pilgrims sought through the physical and spiritual rigours of the ‘Great Work’ to attain the ‘Philosopher’s stone’ – a substance capable of transforming the subatomic structure of matter, of enriching or ‘ennobling’ …

Gloraie to the End of the World (in the blink of an eye) – redux

  Juan de Valdes Leal (1622-1690) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque era. His style was considered mature, often bordering on the macabre, with it’s flagrant brushstrokes. Most of his paintings dealt with the allegory of the transience of life and death. Two of his most famous works, Finis Gloriae Mundi and In Icti …



Desired Pyrotechnics

You can live with a sociopath. You can try to love a sociopath — but can you leave a sociopath? Subversive artist, Anabelle Lee, is about to find out. Coming in 2020.

Saurimonde I, II & III

The popular dark fantasy trilogy co-written with Melissa St. Hilaire where day and night are different realms and nothing is what is seems. Available on Amazon.


Color Out of Space

Director: Richard Stanley, 2019

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Joely Anderson and Tommy Chong .



Director: Norbert Keil, 2017

Starring: Rebecca Forsythe, Lucie Aron and Barbara Crampton



The Otherworld

Director: Richard Stanley, 2013

Starring: various denizens in Southern France

Writer, researcher and presenter

The Theatre Bizarre (Mother of Toads segment)

Director: Richard Stanley, 2011

Starring: Catriona MacColl, Victoria Maurette and Shane Woodward

Writer and second AD



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