The Deity is in the Details: Gods of Light & Dark

Videos of the series are now available for download in the videos section!

Do you feel a calling but don’t know how to proceed? Do you want to find out more about the history of the deities you are working with to deepen your understanding and connection? Or perhaps you’re curious to see if a certain god or goddess is for you. Then join us for The Deity is in the Details: Gods of Light & Dark , the first and third Monday of every month, at The Crooked Path Apothecary in Burbank, 8:00pm. We’ll be taking on one god and goddess a month, delving deep into their history, origin stories and myths, iconography, representations in other pantheons, etymology and various worship practices throughout the ages. Plus, we’ll discuss modern-day worship and the attributes needed: sigils, candles, oils, stones, chants, incense and herbs, etc. Culminating in a ritual that you can take with you to further your path if you choose.

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