Desired Pyrotechnics

You can live with a sociopath. You can try to love a sociopath -- but can you leave a sociopath? Subversive artist, Anabelle Lee, is about to find out. Coming in 2017

Saurimonde I, II & III

The popular dark fantasy trilogy co-written with Melissa St. Hilaire where day and night are different realms and nothing is what is seems. Available onĀ Amazon.



Director: Norbet Keil, 2017

Starring: Rebecca Forsyth, Lucie Aron and Barbara Crampton

Writer - additional dialogue on screenplay

The Otherworld

Director: Richard Stanley, 2013

Starring: various denizens in Southern France

Writer, researcher and presenter

The Theatre BizarreĀ (Mother of Toads segment)

Director: Richard Stanley, 2011

Starring: Catriona MacColl, Victoria Maurette and Shane Woodward

Writer and second AD